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Special Purpose Machines & Test Rigs

NRE is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Special Purpose Machines & Test Rigs. These machines are designed for various applications such as force measurement, torque measurement, proof-load testing, endurance testing, scragging operations, etc.

NRE has manufactured and commissioned numerous customised test rigs for operations such as automatic thread checking, pin force measurement, shock absorbers endurance testing, etc.


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Some of our SPM Projects
Client Project
TATA Motors Ltd. Differential Bearing Pre-Loading Torque SPM
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. Tire Wear Measurement SPM
Cummins India Ltd. Pin Force Measurement SPM
SKF India Ltd. Bearing Cage Force Measurement SPM
NRB Bearings Ltd. Bearing Cage Force Measurement SPM
Endurance Technologies Ltd. Shock Absorber Endurance Test Rig
Duroshox Pvt. Ltd. Automobile Seat Endurance Test Rig
Larsen & Toubro Ltd. Relay Test Rig
Siemens Ltd. Spot Welding Force Measurement SPM
College of Military Engineering              Drilling Machine Thrust & Torque SPM
Kalyani Thermal Steels Ltd. Automatic Thread Checking SPM
NOV Sara India Pvt. Ltd. 10 t Pull Force Measurement SPM